Bohannon Auto Services - Keeping you safely on the road.

Maintenance is Key
Our automotive service commitment is based on a straight forward approach.

We believe that folks don't love to spend time and money repairing their vehicles.  You just want it to work!  The fact is, owning a machine means there will be maintenance and repairs  ...that's where we come in. 

Darin with his team of experienced, ASE certified mechanics will keep you on the road for as long as you own your vehicle with a comprehensive maintenance schedule.
We will not waste your money on parts & services you don't need.  What we will do, is prioritize recommendations based on safety and run-ability issues.

In choosing to operate a business, we made some promises to ourselves:
  • We promise to perform competent work for our customers and honor their trust. 
  • We promise to choose our employees carefully and value their talents.
  • We promise to have fun, be good friends to other businesses and respect our community.

We Promise,
Darin & Kristi

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